Planting juvenile palms in pots: 

Transplant palms into pots that are 2" larger than existing pot.  Use a well draining potting soil or make your own using the following mixture:

• 1 part peat moss 

• 1 part vermiculite 

• 1 part compost or potting soil


Fertilizing: We use Lutz Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes with great success. Please see application chart below.  

For both inside and outside juvenile palms, a great spot is an eastern exposure where they will be in the shade at about 2pm.  This makes the trees reach for the sun and the fronds grow longer.  This gives the trees more height but the trunks will grow as normal.  


Remember this, Palm trees in containers grow slower than Palms that are in the ground by about one third the rate.



Application Chart for Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes

Palm Tree overall height / Number of spikes to be used:

2' to 3' Tall Palms, 1 spike broken in half, placed on opposite sides, 12" out from trunk

3' to 5' Tall Palms, 2 spikes placed on opposite sides, 18" out from trunk

5' to 7' Tall Palms, 3 spikes placed equally apart, 18" out from trunk

7' to 9' Tall Palms, 4 spikes placed equally apart, 24" out from trunk

10' Tall and up Palms, 5 spikes placed equally apart, 24" out from trunk

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