The first thing we have to do is define “Planting” and “Relocating/transplanting”.

PLANTING is when you take a palm from the container that it was raised in and plant it into the ground.

RELOCATING / TRANSPLANTING is when you dig up a palm and plant it in a new location.

In relocating/transplanting, the palm loses a lot of its established root system.  Because of this root loss, you must do the following:

1.  Trim up to 50% of the fronds off from the bottom.  The reason why is that you must remove the same percentage of leaves that the palm tree lost in roots.

2.  Fertilize the palm twice a year. Once in the Spring and again in the Fall. This gives the palm the nutrients that the roots are seeking out. Please see our Fertilizer page.

We strongly recommend the following treatment for Relocated/transplanted Palms:

Purchase a small bottle of SuperThrive Nutrients from us or from any local store that has gardening supplies.  Now you need to get a 5 gallon bucket, drill an 3/16” hole in the bottom.  Fill the bucket with water and add two capfuls of SuperThrive and no more.  Set the bucket next to the tree and let it drain.  This technique reduces runoff and promotes absorption of the nutrients into the root system of the palm.  Do this again every two weeks through the summer.  This should save the tree from transplant shock.

Give the palm 2-3 gallons of water a week when the temps are under 70º, 2-3 gallons twice a week with temps under 85º and 2-3 gallons every other day for temps above 85º.

When it comes to watering, the rule is to give your palms water at the same rate as your lawn.

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Ric Banchero

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