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Palm Shock 

Palms and plants can sometimes go through a rough stretch that causes stress and shock to the plant.  The most common of these stresses is transplanting and harsh weather conditions. Now it's time to reach for the bottle.

The bottle of Superthrive that is, it is an amazing product that revitalizes the plant even in the worst conditions.  We have used Superthrive for the last ten years when digging up palms and moving to a new location.  It has worked every time and it's easy to use.

Palm Shock Treatment

This works well for transplant and winter recovery.

Here is what you need to do:

Buy a bottle of Superthrive ( about $7.- )

In a clean 5 gallon bucket, mix two capfuls of Superthrive and fill with water.  In a different clean bucket, drill a 3/16" hole on one side of the bottom of a bucket and fill the bucket with 1/2 of the Superthrive mixture.   Set the bucket next to the tree and let it drain.  After it has drained, repeat the process on the other side of the tree. This technique reduces run off.  Do this again every 2 weeks through the summer.  This should save the tree.

For trees in containers or under 5 feet overall height, reduce the treatment by half.


Apple a Day

Normal watering with Superthrive can be done at any time by adding 1 to 2 drops to a gallon of water.  You will see a faster growth rate and a healthier plant.


Superthrive is NOT a fertilizer!  You need to keep your fertilizing regimen going along with the Superthrive.

Lutz Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes

Order Superthrive here

Palm Watering: 

This is for a palm of 6 feet of height, adjust down to half or less for smaller palms:

 We give the Palm 4 gallons of water a week spread over 3 days when temps are under 70º, 4 gallons at twice a week with temps over 70º under 85º, and 4 gallons every other day for temps above 85º.  Remember that rain counts.  

 The best way to water is slowly, if your soil can't absorb the water at the rate your watering then you're just wasting water.  I like the automatic drip systems. They irrigate at a very slow rate and you don't have to remember to water.

 Palm Fertilizing: 

Palms need to be fertilized at least for the first three years they are put into a landscape just like any other plant.  Here is what we suggest:

Lutz Palm Tree Maintenance Spikes work very well supplying the micronutrients that palms require for a healthy start in your landscape.  We sell these and they are very easy to apply, driving them into the ground with a hammer.  We call this guy gardening.

 There are some granulated fertilizers available in the area but none better than the Lutz spikes.  Do not use "Whitney Farms Palm Food", it does not have the micronutrients that palms need.

 Palms in pots or containers need to be fertilized three times a year for as long as they are in the pots.


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