Common name: Chinese Windmill Palm

This is the most popular palm tree in the Northwest.  It is one of the most cold hardy palms available, able to survive temperatures close to zero.  I have two Trachycarpus fortunei's in my garden that have lived in the Puget Sound area for over 25 years.  Over that time they have seen everything nature could throw at them and are doing fine.  They are over twenty feet tall and a real traffic stopper.

Trachycarpus fortunei's are identified by their fan shape fronds and fiber wrapped trunks.  This is the palm tree for the home owner that wants a tropical look that can handle some snow.  

We highly recommend this variety as your first palm tree.

Full to Partial Sun

Cold Hardy to 5º F

Height to 25' + in 30 to 50 years

Growth Rate is 6" to 24" a year, depending on location in your landscape.  They grow quicker in partial shade locations, since they are reaching for the sun. 

Variation: Trachycarpus Takil - faster growing with longer fronds but just as cold hardy.




Common Name: Pindo or Jelly Palm

The Butia Capitata is a gorgeous feather palm tree. It is the most cold hardy feather palm available. The open form that this palm tree has makes it great for planting a variety of plants under it. The plume type fronds gives it its name, feather palm. You will see these palm trees used in landscapes throughout the Southwest and on the strip in Vegas.

This palm tree grows as wide as it does tall.  As always with palm trees, good drainage is a must.



Common Name: Mediterranean Fan Palm

Chamaerops Humilis is a focal point palm tree. This is a multi-trunk tree with a parent tree in the center and babies ringing the tree. These palms are normally cultivated with 4 to 8 trees in a grouping. This palm will not get away from you in your landscape because it is a slow grower. Five minutes of pruning once a year is all that is needed.  

As with any palm tree, good drainage is important and easy to achieve. We recommend this palm tree be planted in containers or very highly mounded to achieve the best possible drainage.

Please see our "How to plant a palm tree" page.

Full to Partial Sun

Cold Hardy to 0º F

Height to 20' in 30 to 60 years

Growth Rate is 3" to 12" a year, depending on location in your landscape. 


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