Planting your Palm in the ground will give you a tree that will grow at it's maximum rate.  The reason for this is the Palm will be able to develop a larger root system and this allows for a happy and healthy tree.  Don't worry about the roots causing problems with foundations, sidewalks or retaining walls because the roots are non-invasive and Palms do not have tap roots.

Where to plant your Palm:  You need to remember that these are trees.  Most of the palms we sell with eventually grow taller than your house. Pick a site to plant your palm so that it will not be affected by roof overhangs, power lines or other items that will interfere with your palm tree.

Palm trees are easy to grow if you remember a few simple requirements:

Palms can grow in full sun or partial shade conditions. Palms need soil that drains well.  This can be taken care of by adding 6" of sand under the tree and planting the tree above grade. (see drawing at bottom of page)

Palm trees need fertilizer in the Spring and Fall or when being planted during their growing season.      

Palm trees need water, Palms are oasis trees, not desert trees.  They need water. A simple rule for watering is this: if the grass needs watering, so does the palm tree.  This will hold true for the first few years until the Palm is established in your yard.

Remember this, Palm trees grown about twice as fast as kids for the first 10 years but with a lot less attention.

We sell Lutz Palm Tree Fertilizer spikes, a great and simple way to keep your palms healthy.  They come 5 spikes to a pack at $10.00 per pack, includes tax. Shipping is additional and available.



Application Chart for Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes

Palm Tree overall height / Number of spikes to be used:

2' to 3' Tall Palms, 1 spike broken in half, placed on opposite sides, 12" out from trunk

3' to 5' Tall Palms, 2 spikes placed on opposite sides, 18" out from trunk

5' to 7' Tall Palms, 3 spikes placed equally apart, 18" out from trunk

7' to 9' Tall Palms, 4 spikes placed equally apart, 24" out from trunk

10' Tall and up Palms, 5 spikes placed equally apart, 24" out from trunk


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