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We have a lot of people ask us if there is a dwarf palm similar to the Windmill palm that will survive here in the Puget sound area.  Unfortunately there isn't, however we can show you how to restrict the growth rate of your windmill palm.  It all comes down to restricting the root system.  

How this is done is simple.  Start with any size palm you wish, 3 to 6 feet is best.  

Plant the palm just like we show on our planting in a container page into a 24" black nursery pot.  Then plant/bury a second 24" nursery pot in the ground, top of the pot should be level with the ground/flower bed.  Put about an inch of pea gravel in the pot that is in the ground and place the potted palm into the pot in the ground.  You can top coat the newly planted palm with whatever ground cover you are using and it will look like it's been there for years.

This will reduce growth rate of the palm by 75% or more.  

In our test we planted 10 palms in the ground, open root and confined roots.   In a span of 12 years we saw a growth rate of 3 feet (3 inches a year) on the constricted root palms and 12 to 15 feet (12 inches to 15 inches a year) on the open root palms.  

Due to the lack of a full root system on the restricted root palms you will need to fertilize these palms 3 times a year.  March, June and September.

We also offer a trade out program on these palms that are planted in this two container method.


Application Chart for Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes

Palm Tree overall height / Number of spikes to be used:

2' to 3' Tall Palms, 1 spike broken in half, placed on opposite sides, 12" out from trunk

3' to 5' Tall Palms, 2 spikes placed on opposite sides, 18" out from trunk

5' to 7' Tall Palms, 3 spikes placed equally apart, 18" out from trunk

7' to 9' Tall Palms, 4 spikes placed equally apart, 24" out from trunk

10' Tall and up Palms, 5 spikes placed equally apart, 24" out from trunk

Restricting Growth Rate of Windmill Palm Trees